You are Invited

No caption needed! Prayerfully, you’ve been blessed by An Unwavering Kind of Love.” Join me for the November Blog Series “Beauty For Ashes.” Now if you have limited the title to cosmetics and other accessories…’ve already missed. Together let’s explore the gratitude and gratefulness that can only be experienced by yielding to Christ. Unwavering, LovedContinue reading “You are Invited”

When love is present!

I’m going to take my time in writing this blog. Together you and I have been exploring the love of Christ being unwavering, enduring and being willing to not only give love but postured to receive love. While the topic of love is varied, complex and diverse, one thing remains constant and that is theContinue reading “When love is present!”


Love is often approached by one trying to find and be loved by another. In the context of this approach, exhaustion occurs when the excitement subsides. Love is more than feeling, it is an investment, work….even when you do not feel like it. Learning how to love can be tedious, exciting, maturing, problem solving andContinue reading “Authenticity”


There are times where I use my GPS to get to a destination. Amidst the challenges of stop lights, and traffic, sometimes a journey that would take ten minutes quickly turns into twenty minutes. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself relying on my GPS for what seemed to be a fifteen minute journey.Continue reading “Continue…..”

Layers of Gratitude

The alarm clock rings, out of bed, to start the day. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a normal routine one can overlook the beauty discovered in a friendly”good morning” or the full blooming of the cherry blossoms. Continuing on through the day only to realize that after dinner, its time to get ready forContinue reading “Layers of Gratitude”