A Friendly Reminder

Nothing fancy, just a friendly reminder that you no longer have to carry the same load alone. Be strengthened in knowing that confidently, you can take your petitions to Jesus! Have an exceptionally amazing day. Unwavering, Loved Through Every Season

Love is a posture

The love of Christ is a posture, not reliant on cliché’s. Posture, referenced as a stance, attitude, or position should convey one’s willingness to remain firm in their decision to steward the love of Christ regardless of feeling or circumstance. Being postured is not how eloquent one enunciates their words when speaking, but choosing toContinue reading “Love is a posture”

When love is present!

I’m going to take my time in writing this blog. Together you and I have been exploring the love of Christ being unwavering, enduring and being willing to not only give love but postured to receive love. While the topic of love is varied, complex and diverse, one thing remains constant and that is theContinue reading “When love is present!”

When your willing to receive……..

Grocery shopping is not my favorite pastime, however; I find it quite delightful to explore the seasonings. Having the right blend of seasoning can make an ordinary meal taste so much better…..if you know what your doing. So, with my items in the grocery cart, I was awaiting to provide the cashier with payment. AfterContinue reading “When your willing to receive……..”

Know Your Worth

It has taken longer than usual to write this segment.  Could it be having other things to do, or trying to convey what to say? Inspite of the many potential reasons, there are great possibilities, when one chooses to extend their love.  In considering the love of Christ, he extends his love, however; it isContinue reading “Know Your Worth”

Love Is A Decision

The love of Christ remains unwavering, and for that I’m most grateful. It is through Christ’s display of love that one can glean the work necessary to love others, but also to remain loving. Love is so much more than fluctuating feelings. Love is an intentional decision. Aren’t you glad that Christ continues to love,Continue reading “Love Is A Decision”

Love Embraces Expectation

While living in a world where most applaud having a platform and the intricacies that come along with that territory, it is often overlooked that being able to handle such responsibility is a mere result of uncompensated sacrifice. Now, if you’ve limited “uncompensated sacrifice” to money, let me help you. Uncompensated sacrifice is the equivalentContinue reading “Love Embraces Expectation”

When Love Serves!

I enjoy good laughter and humor. When thriving through the workday, thereare moments where the right measure of humor and laughter is just enough to getone on task. At other times it is embracing the company of loved ones to enjoy.Volunteering has been something I’ve enjoyed, recently. Waking early, gettingdressed, navigating through traffic; embracing theContinue reading “When Love Serves!”

An Unwavering Kind of Love

Growing through with Christ is incomparable with one’s independence. In the confines of Christ’s love there is peace, hope, safety, surety, reliance, provision and so much more than what can be conveyed with words. Living in a world that promotes love as being trendy, self-absorbed, and size oriented leaves many women feeling inadequate and lessContinue reading “An Unwavering Kind of Love”

You are cordially invited…

Welcome to Loved Through Every Season, where women just like you are embraced, regardless of where you are on your journey in life. If you’ve had the time to engage in our first series “What Really Matters,” it is my prayer that you gleaned useful content that makes you better. Love is a word thatContinue reading “You are cordially invited…”

When Expectancy Outweighs….

There is expectation with each new month. Whether deciding to accomplish goals, complete tasks, there is something special about expectancy that increases momentum, desire, and an unwillingness to settle for less. What are you expecting in this new month? In what ways are you making strides to achieve what it is that you desire? ExpectancyContinue reading “When Expectancy Outweighs….”