The Blessing Of Better?

Rhetorical, yet thought provoking, if you are capable of answering this question with a swift yes, you’ve already missed the question. The simplicity of the question is beyond the quickness of accepting blessings. The depth of the question is understanding the responsibility of better. Anyone can accept new responsibility, but what about the capacity toContinue reading “The Blessing Of Better?”

Never Beg

So, I will try to get through writing this blog without crying. Since it’s just you and I here anyway, even if I do shed a tear its not from despair but flows from a place of unexplainable gratitude & gratefulness. One of the most beautiful attributes of relationship is not having to beg forContinue reading “Never Beg”

Beyond Grateful

My reasons for clapping, tears streaming down my face, or the simplicity of a smile? My soul is beyond blessed……… Unwavering Gratitude & Gratefulness, Loved Through Every Season

Gratitude & Gratefulness

So I’ve been trying to write, but could not find the words to convey the sentiments of my gratitude. Finding myself overwhelmed by Gratitude & Gratefulness has provided moments of experiencing laughter. That may not seem like much, but if you’ve ever wanted to laugh but was so closed that you could not, then youContinue reading “Gratitude & Gratefulness”

A New Song To Sing

A blank canvas has value prior to the artist artistically applying paint.  The value in having a blank canvas is the limitless possibilities it contains.  Consider a canvas supporting the work of an artist adding decorum to an environment.  A canvas can be propped to support the framework of a business presentation conveying the missionContinue reading “A New Song To Sing”