Comfort & Expectation

So often, it becomes comfortable to accept the norm of things. Whether indulging in routine activities or being accepting of circumstances, comfortability can be limiting. What are the causes of comfortability? Is it routine? Lack of esteem? Settling? lack of expectation? Or supporting others to the extent that you do not recognize your own value?Continue reading “Comfort & Expectation”


There are times where I use my GPS to get to a destination. Amidst the challenges of stop lights, and traffic, sometimes a journey that would take ten minutes quickly turns into twenty minutes. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself relying on my GPS for what seemed to be a fifteen minute journey.Continue reading “Continue…..”

Layers of Gratitude

The alarm clock rings, out of bed, to start the day. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a normal routine one can overlook the beauty discovered in a friendly”good morning” or the full blooming of the cherry blossoms. Continuing on through the day only to realize that after dinner, its time to get ready forContinue reading “Layers of Gratitude”

……But are you learning?

One of life’s greatest treasures are the lessons learned along the way. There are times where once can find themselves trying to answer the “why’s” of life. While there is not anything wrong with asking such a question, becoming fixated causes stagnation. A month or so ago, I found myself in a place of survival.Continue reading “……But are you learning?”

Say what?

Welcome back!  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted to this blog. Sometimes amidst the hustle and bustle of life and everyday responsibilities, you must take a moment away to regroup.  This month’s blogs will focus on the power of our words.  So grab  a cup of coffee, herbal or boba tea….and lets getContinue reading “Say what?”

All things New!

Last weekend was nothing short of amazing! I had the opportunity to fellowship with other women who are growing and maturing in their faith and walk with Christ.  During this weekend the theme of the fellowship session was “Propelled Into Purpose.”  In preparation for this life changing fellowship there was much that I did toContinue reading “All things New!”