When loving is priority..

The love of Christ, beyond capacity to comprehend, is a trustworthy love. Throughout the series “An Unwavering Kind of Love,” the love of Christ is noted as an enduring love. In essence, the love of Christ never gives up on you; but is consistently extended towards you. Never taking the love of Christ for granted,Continue reading “When loving is priority..”


Love is often approached by one trying to find and be loved by another. In the context of this approach, exhaustion occurs when the excitement subsides. Love is more than feeling, it is an investment, work….even when you do not feel like it. Learning how to love can be tedious, exciting, maturing, problem solving andContinue reading “Authenticity”

Obedience & Opportunity

The biblical portrait of Esther has relevancy to modern women in many ways.  Whether making decisions, developing careers, being a student, navigating the corridors of relationships, waiting, growing persistence in faith, remaining consistent, maintaining faithfulness, managing opposition without losing your composure, or learning how to fight; Esther’s story is one that conveys God’s unconditional andContinue reading “Obedience & Opportunity”

Grit Grace & Gratitude

What really matters, explores the impact of three women.  While their biblical stories are known, understanding the impact that they have and its relevance to today’s Christian woman is essential.  Jochebed, mother of Moses was faced with an obstacle.  Refusing to adhere to Pharaoh’s decree, Jochebed made a decision that not only spared the lifeContinue reading “Grit Grace & Gratitude”

Proverbs 31 Woman

Commended, revered, celebrated, admired, applauded……the Proverbs 31 woman wins the award!  She does so much and well, without complaint.  In exploring the Proverbs 31 woman, further; the detail, attention, time, maturing level of consistency did not occur overnight, but with time.  Interestingly enough, the Proverbs 31 woman is the epitome of a servant.  The ProverbsContinue reading “Proverbs 31 Woman”

Modesty is…….

There is nothing like being a woman.  So many things at our disposal whether its a nice brow pencil, hair salon visits, or just taking the time to love on yourself while indulging in a massage at your favorite spa.  I recently went to the spa for some “me time.” It was such a delightContinue reading “Modesty is…….”

When it seems easiest

There are moments where relaxation is needed in efforts to replenish and continue with the varied responsibilities one has been given. I’ve often heard others reference responsibilities as “adulting,” frowning at the mere extent of what comes with caring for and managing responsibilities intentionally. As one nurtures what they have well, being entrusted with more,Continue reading “When it seems easiest”

Comfort & Expectation

So often, it becomes comfortable to accept the norm of things. Whether indulging in routine activities or being accepting of circumstances, comfortability can be limiting. What are the causes of comfortability? Is it routine? Lack of esteem? Settling? lack of expectation? Or supporting others to the extent that you do not recognize your own value?Continue reading “Comfort & Expectation”


There are times where I use my GPS to get to a destination. Amidst the challenges of stop lights, and traffic, sometimes a journey that would take ten minutes quickly turns into twenty minutes. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself relying on my GPS for what seemed to be a fifteen minute journey.Continue reading “Continue…..”