Salty & Favored

So, its just you and I here, together. Why not grab your favorite beverage and let’s chat awhile. Should this particular blog be longer in length, I invite you to stay. Why? Because there are moments where my sharing cannot be summarized into brief sentences. Thank you for staying. There are moments where I’m anContinue reading “Salty & Favored”

Salty Speech

This should be an interesting blog series. There were a few choice topics to select, however; there was a memorable moment that resulted in sharing the love of Christ with another. Long after that moment, realizing the need to remain salty changed, modified my perspective on salty speech. The ability, expanded capacity to engage inContinue reading “Salty Speech”

The Blessing Of Better?

Rhetorical, yet thought provoking, if you are capable of answering this question with a swift yes, you’ve already missed the question. The simplicity of the question is beyond the quickness of accepting blessings. The depth of the question is understanding the responsibility of better. Anyone can accept new responsibility, but what about the capacity toContinue reading “The Blessing Of Better?”

Consider Hannah……..

My soul blesses the Lord! Unwavering Gratitude, Gratefulness & Expectation Loved Through Every Season

When It’s Okay to laugh………

The larger responsibilities did not render the Proverbs 31 woman incomparable. This woman stewarded well, every responsibility entrusted regardless of what was required to do so. In whatever capacity you serve in life…serve well. Unwavering Gratitude & Gratefulness, Loved Through Every Season