An Unwasted Investment

When you see yourself independent from life’s disappointments, it changes how you speak. To often, being relaxed with the routines of life, results in one being comfortable. Sharing kind words, extending help, or merely saying hello to others can easily become routine to the point where one can be kind, yet disengaged. Humph! That doesContinue reading “An Unwasted Investment”

Undefined Beauty

In cultivating and nurturing your love for Christ, it is worth the investment. Within the love of Christ is provision, protection, reliability and so much more. While many are comfortable with the basics of sharing their love for Christ during worship, when you really want to develop a relationship with Christ, you do so daily.Continue reading “Undefined Beauty”

Unwavering Gratitude

I’ve been trying to wait in sharing Gratitude & Gratefulness, however; the longer I try to wait, being overwhelmed with Gratitude cannot be subsided. Now, it’s interesting that my gratitude is not related to tangible items, but knowing that nothing has been wasted. Not one tear has been wasted. Beyond grateful. So I have foundContinue reading “Unwavering Gratitude”


So grateful! Not wanting to go in-depth, but gratefulness transcends a moment, it is however a choice to remain regardless of what goes on around you. Unwavering, gratefulness is a posture that can bless others. If you have reached a place in life where you can give thanks for everything, you have more than enoughContinue reading “Unapologetic”

You are Invited

No caption needed! Prayerfully, you’ve been blessed by An Unwavering Kind of Love.” Join me for the November Blog Series “Beauty For Ashes.” Now if you have limited the title to cosmetics and other accessories…’ve already missed. Together let’s explore the gratitude and gratefulness that can only be experienced by yielding to Christ. Unwavering, LovedContinue reading “You are Invited”

Should you choose to stay

Knowing and learning your worth are both different. How? Learning your worth is to embrace detailed moments of inventory of your life. Accepting the good and willingly working through the indifferent. This is not for the faint, but for those who choose better for their lives, unwaveringly. To have courageous dialogue about any aspect ofContinue reading “Should you choose to stay”


Who does not enjoy a good shopping adventure? As long as it fits within the confines of your budget, shopping can be an enjoyable experience if it fits your interest. When shopping, most tend to venture to sales area, catching the best deals possible, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! I can writeContinue reading “Expensive”

Love Conveyed

While not a difficult question, the relevancy is the same. So often it is easiest to want more responsibility without considering, how you steward what you have been entrusted with now. Christ has shared his love with you. How are you stewarding his love? Is it still all about you? Have you given consideration thatContinue reading “Love Conveyed”

Celebrating with you,

You’ve made it through the week, and I’m so very proud of you. Should you need a reason to smile, and are unable to find one, you have so much worth! Your best days are not behind you….Smile, Laugh, & Love……..! Unwavering, Loved Through Every Season

A Friendly Reminder

Nothing fancy, just a friendly reminder that you no longer have to carry the same load alone. Be strengthened in knowing that confidently, you can take your petitions to Jesus! Have an exceptionally amazing day. Unwavering, Loved Through Every Season