Never Beg

So, I will try to get through writing this blog without crying. Since it’s just you and I here anyway, even if I do shed a tear its not from despair but flows from a place of unexplainable gratitude & gratefulness. One of the most beautiful attributes of relationship is not having to beg for what you need or deserve. Ha! Now the tears start to flow……whew! I did not always know this. Having taken the time to grow in relationship with Christ has taught me so much. Christ will never ever have the cheapest part of me, but the best that I have to offer, perpetually.

Willing to teach me what I did not know and entrusting me to steward his love, Christ will never ever have to beg for what he deserves. So when it comes to worship, praise, dancing etc., merely lifting my hands out of repetition does not suffice. Why? Because the worth that Christ has added to my life requires nothing less than authenticity. I consider it my esteemed privilege to give Christ the best that I have, regardless.

Now I know how to love,

Unwavering Gratitude & Gratefulness,

Loved Through Every Season

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Lover of all things beautiful. They say when life throws lemons, make lemonade. I have a passion for encouraging women heal from their painful experiences, grow in faith, and pursue their dreams. Loved Through Every Season is a journey to open the eyes of the discouraged, burdened and overwhelmed woman to find encouragement, strength and courage to continue. I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my pup.

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