A New Song To Sing

A blank canvas has value prior to the artist artistically applying paint.  The value in having a blank canvas is the limitless possibilities it contains.  Consider a canvas supporting the work of an artist adding decorum to an environment.  A canvas can be propped to support the framework of a business presentation conveying the mission and purpose of the company.  It’s simply amazing, how God can take the canvas of our lives and use it for HIS glory.   The triumph’s, indifferences, victories, questions, silence, tearfulness, works together for good and not against it.  Thank God for taking the canvas of our lives and applying purpose.

The very circumstance that caused Hannah to weep, she later obtained victory through not just in nursing what was once a prayer, but expectations exceeded.  It blesses me that yesterday’s tears, will become today’s victory! Some are faithful to prayer for selfish reasons.  To get their way or what they want.  Let’s grow beyond that level.  Faithfulness in prayer should never be about selfishness. Consistency, and persistence in prayer is work.  There is an advantage in remaining persistent with prayer.   Still maintaining her composure, faithfulness in stewarding responsibilities, and nurturing the intimate desires of her life with prayer, a once closed womb is opened to produce. 

Wherever you find yourself at this point in life be it still waiting for your prayer to be answered or physically having what was once a prayer, be encouraged that God has been with you every step of the way.  You’ve lacked nothing all while your faith, confidence, trust, and fervency was maturing in Christ.  We serve a God who is not only faithful when things are going well.  He is also faithful in and amidst the process. Enduring the laughter, Hannah sang a new song having expectations exceeded. Beauty For Ashes……..

Unwavering Gratitude & Gratefulness,

Loved Through Every Season

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Lover of all things beautiful. They say when life throws lemons, make lemonade. I have a passion for encouraging women heal from their painful experiences, grow in faith, and pursue their dreams. Loved Through Every Season is a journey to open the eyes of the discouraged, burdened and overwhelmed woman to find encouragement, strength and courage to continue. I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my pup.

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