An Unwasted Investment

When you see yourself independent from life’s disappointments, it changes how you speak. To often, being relaxed with the routines of life, results in one being comfortable. Sharing kind words, extending help, or merely saying hello to others can easily become routine to the point where one can be kind, yet disengaged. Humph! That does not work in this part of the vineyard. Now that season is over, recognize the power of your words. While beauty is not stagnated by application or accessories, beauty is cultivated by what you speak. It is nearly impossible to express gratitude while complaining.

It’s one thing to be free from a place in life where you let some things go and healed. It’s something totally different to live in that freedom to the extent that your words and actions align with where you are now. Walking in newness is so much more than a repetitious reminder. To absorb, deliberately, life’s newness one must be okay with better void of comparison.

Why waste time comparing your new blessing to a place you no longer reside? The gratefulness in embracing newness is not wrapped in a moment. The gratefulness found in newness is realizing that Jesus did not forget about you and is entrusting you to steward the newness in its simplicity. Having learned your worth, you have more than enough capacity. To walk in newness… actually have to want to. Please do not waste the investment of Jesus.

The lingo of sowing has become quite common. When investing into others, the cost of sowing, from the sowers perspective; is quite high. Not from a financial standpoint, but considering that sowing includes your time, patience, energy, motivation, health, wealth, ability to listen, capability to know what requires a response, all independent of financial compensation. An unwasted investment is having learned what to sow and most importantly where to sow. Jesus has sown into you, therefore; you are an unwasted investment.

My gratitude is that regardless of the season, Jesus still found worth in sowing in our lives! We should remain forever grateful.

Unwavering Gratitude & Gratefulness,

Loved Through Every Season

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Lover of all things beautiful. They say when life throws lemons, make lemonade. I have a passion for encouraging women heal from their painful experiences, grow in faith, and pursue their dreams. Loved Through Every Season is a journey to open the eyes of the discouraged, burdened and overwhelmed woman to find encouragement, strength and courage to continue. I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my pup.

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