Who does not enjoy a good shopping adventure? As long as it fits within the confines of your budget, shopping can be an enjoyable experience if it fits your interest. When shopping, most tend to venture to sales area, catching the best deals possible, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! I can write this blog with so much anticipation because Jesus wants to bless you, beyond what’s on sale.

Jesus has invested so much into you that a price tag, or money could never determine your worth. Regardless of what season you find yourself in, just know that your price is far above rubies. Okay, let me say it like this… whether working two jobs or one, single parent or single, waiting or trying to figure it out, happy with your career or not…….When you know your worth, there is nothing wrong with expensive.


Loved Through Every Season

Published by Loved Through Every Season

Lover of all things beautiful. They say when life throws lemons, make lemonade. I have a passion for encouraging women heal from their painful experiences, grow in faith, and pursue their dreams. Loved Through Every Season is a journey to open the eyes of the discouraged, burdened and overwhelmed woman to find encouragement, strength and courage to continue. I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my pup.

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