When love is present!

I’m going to take my time in writing this blog. Together you and I have been exploring the love of Christ being unwavering, enduring and being willing to not only give love but postured to receive love. While the topic of love is varied, complex and diverse, one thing remains constant and that is the love of Christ is reliable, sure, unfailing, relentless, never gives up. There is something special to be said about love being present.

To be present is to be available. Consider all that Christ has invested in you. Your gifts, talents, intellect, personality, witty sense of humor are all investments. To be in an environment and not be present robs everyone else of experiencing Christ’s investment in your life. A present love does not reside in the place where it was once wounded.

The investment that Christ has made in you cost him everything. Anything that you have been entrusted to endure is working for your good and not against it. Not that you need my permission, but it is okay to smile, laugh, learn and even love again. Your best days are in front of you. So the next time you enter an environment with others be present!

Entrusted to love is not to be taken lightly but with Godly esteem and honor. Love is a privilege. The epitome of service with no vacation leave, the very nature of love in and of itself requires that your present and engaging. Anyone can pray, but to know what burden’s the heart of Christ far exceeds conveying your love for him….it’s relationship.

To be entrusted with relationship is not diminished or limited to a status change. Entrusted with relationship is having access to steward the love of Christ with grace, intellect, through silence, wit, integrity, long suffering, temperance, prayer, without apology. Though relationship is not about getting what you want all of the time, there is something to be learned about what Christ requires of you. An entrusted relationship, does not require the opinions of others. Your entrusted relationship to steward the love of Christ is yours……cultivate, nurture, & grow.

I’ve taken my time to write this particular segment as I understand what it is to be emotionally reserved trying to self protect. Wanting to be present, but opting to be reserved out of comfort and security. Realizing and understanding the worth of Christ’s investment in me changed my entire perspective. While there are moments when comfortability seem easiest, I understand that Christ’s investment in me cost him everything. Where ever you find yourself at this juncture in life, you have so much to offer. I’m proud of you. Be present!

Smile, Laugh & Love,

Loved Through Every Season

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