When your willing to receive……..

Grocery shopping is not my favorite pastime, however; I find it quite delightful to explore the seasonings. Having the right blend of seasoning can make an ordinary meal taste so much better…..if you know what your doing. So, with my items in the grocery cart, I was awaiting to provide the cashier with payment. After providing me with the total amount due, I gladly placed my money into the cashier’s hand. Still having my hand extended to receive, in a hurry; the cashier placed my remaining change on the counter and concluded with “Have a nice day.” I decided to wait…..

What happens when what you’ve been waiting on is presented differently? In receiving, there should be a willingness to expect with gladness, what you are awaiting, nothing wavering. When Christ extends his love and compassion it is often received with gladness. Wherever you may find yourself, whether in a season of waiting, anticipating, enduring, trying to figure how things are going to work, be willing to receive the blessings that await. To do so, you must be willing to put your personal feelings aside. Why? If you’re not careful, being in your feelings can cause you to dismiss a circumstance, or a person that was really a blessing!

My earned money laid on the counter, while my hand was still extended, awaiting to receive. As I stood with a smile on my face, the cashier quickly realized the error. She gently picked up the money and placed it in my hand, apologetically. In that moment, I celebrated the cashier’s ability to work with so many different people, trying to meet all of their needs and avoid conflict. Though the cashier was not expecting it, I thanked her for realizing that I was awaiting to receive.

I write this post with so much gladness in my soul! Being open to receive is something that I’ve had to be intentional about. As I’m writing this particular post, I realize the blessing in not wavering until I receive what I expect, even if it’s presented differently.

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