Obedience & Opportunity

The biblical portrait of Esther has relevancy to modern women in many ways.  Whether making decisions, developing careers, being a student, navigating the corridors of relationships, waiting, growing persistence in faith, remaining consistent, maintaining faithfulness, managing opposition without losing your composure, or learning how to fight; Esther’s story is one that conveys God’s unconditional and consistent love for his people. Esther, who many would have considered ordinary was extraordinarily selected by God to save her people.  There are many lessons to be gleaned from Esther’s story.  Esther was queen before being crowned queen……….


Esther modeled a level of obedience that transcends time.  In completing the process of purification, Esther had to embrace being a student again. From Mordecai’s house to embracing this process of purification involved learning the protocol of the palace, refining her language, learning how and when to respond, identifying, learning, and developing new relationships, as well as having someone to correct her when mistakes were made.  Though it may have seemed easier to walk away, Esther embraced the opportunity to learn something new without pretense.  Take this off, put this on, sit this way, stand that way.  Esther was willing to submit to obtain something greater.

Can you handle correction?  Are you willing to lay aside your perspective of how you think things should be done?  Can you handle the responsibilities that come with promotion, even if having to endure learning?  Learning what to do and what not to do, Learning how to respond and when to hold your peace….. 

Many applaud Esther’s relentlessness and fever in saving the lives of her people.  Though commendable, Esther was a woman who learned to embrace a lifestyle of obedience regardless of how she felt.  After all when saving the lives of her people while risking her own, Esther’s opinion didn’t matter.  When serving the Lord, your obedience is never about you!  Because of Esther’s willingness to remain obedient, she was prepared for opposition.


Esther being queen was more than embracing the applause of others.  A seat of influence and action, Esther had to navigate and learn what it meant to be obedient, remain obedient and risk her well being for the lives of others.  What others perceived as an opportunity; Esther embraced as another level of service.  Are you an opportunist? Or Are you willing to serve?  

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