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What really matters, explores the impact of three women.  While their biblical stories are known, understanding the impact that they have and its relevance to today’s Christian woman is essential.  Jochebed, mother of Moses was faced with an obstacle.  Refusing to adhere to Pharaoh’s decree, Jochebed made a decision that not only spared the life of Moses and Israel’s future deliverer, but her decision in turn came back to bless her!  There are several lessons to be gleaned from the story of Jochebed, however; a few will be explored.


Have you ever had to manage a task that seemed insurmountable or difficult?  While managing the task, the difficulty of it can result in tearfulness, lack of motivation, loss of interest, or lacking the vigor to continue completing the task.  Jochebed, a woman, wife and mother was faced with a challenge of relinquishing her child.  Hiding Moses, until he could no longer be hidden; Jochebed had a decision to make.  Refusing to concede to Pharoah’s decree, Jochebed used pitch to make a basket for Moses, sending him up the river.  Unassured of what would happen, Jochebed placed the situation into the capable hands of the God.

While the circumstances were not easy, Jochebed had personal knowledge of God and his ability.  Relying on her relationship with God, what was difficult was placed into the trustworthy care of God.  The focus was no longer placed on Pharoah’s decree, but on God’s ability to hear and respond to Jochebed’s prayer.  While complaining would have been ideal, Jochebed grabbed hold of what she had, Moses and what she knew, prayer.  She never let go…..not even for a moment.


Enduring life’s difficulties, with God on your side; teaches you how to stand, how to remain firm in your faith and remain relentless when giving up surfaces as a viable option.  While many applaud results to quick faith, there is a blessing in learning how to endure.    Whether enduring happiness, gratefulness, contentment, or waiting….you’ve been graced for this! Grace, God’s unmerited favor.


I’ve gotten to the place in life where I can express gratefulness in different circumstances.  Life’s triumphs and difficulties teach reliance and complete trust in God.   God worked things in Jochebed’s favor, not because of status, friendships, influence or titles.  Jochebed, an ordinary woman who was courageous in faith.

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