Comfort & Expectation

So often, it becomes comfortable to accept the norm of things. Whether indulging in routine activities or being accepting of circumstances, comfortability can be limiting. What are the causes of comfortability? Is it routine? Lack of esteem? Settling? lack of expectation? Or supporting others to the extent that you do not recognize your own value? There is more to life than settling for the limits of comfort. Raise your expectations.

To have expectation is more than an eloquent word applied to a sentence. Expectation encompasses temperance, strength, hope, desire, transparency, consistency, to the magnitude that one’s expectation remains firm. Consider the biblical portrait of Hannah whose expectation produced……

Published by Loved Through Every Season

Lover of all things beautiful. They say when life throws lemons, make lemonade. I have a passion for encouraging women heal from their painful experiences, grow in faith, and pursue their dreams. Loved Through Every Season is a journey to open the eyes of the discouraged, burdened and overwhelmed woman to find encouragement, strength and courage to continue. I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my pup.

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